Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guys and Cats

Today, I want to address an issue that has caused years of controversy in nations around the world: guys owning cats. Is it OK for a guy to own one or more felines? Does this somehow bring into question his masculinity? Is it even legal?

Obviously, if you're like me and married into cat ownership, then the issue has already been resolved for you, but you might be a single guy who can't decide if you should get a cat. If you've been sitting on the fence (metaphorically, of course, since I can't figure out how you'd do that literally without intense pain and the risk of injury), then I'll give you some food for thought.
  • Cats are not only predators but also possibly the perfect killing machines. Dogs, on the other hand, are primarily scavengers. This isn't meant as a slam against dogs, but if you happen to have a mouse or some other pest in your house, a cat has a pretty good likelihood of taking care of the problem, while a dog is going to make you deal with it.
  • You have to work to earn a cat's loyalty and affection. It's a relationship among equals. Cats can definitely be affectionate, but they don't often throw themselves at you the way that many dogs will. You and your cat are constantly working to earn each other's respect.
  • Did you see "Meet the Parents" and/or "Meet the Fockers"? In those movies, Robert De Niro's character owned a cat. Are you going to tell Robert De Niro he's not a real man? I wouldn't.
  • And possibly the most important reason of all, according to this New York Times article about guys owning cats, chicks dig guys with cats.
And if you need any more reasons to get one of these fluffy chick magnets/killing machines, then check out the video below, made by a couple of engineers who love them some felines.

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