Thursday, August 14, 2008

Greetings, Earthlings!

Welcome to Marion's Time Waster, a blog that, with any luck, will soon develop into one of the biggest productivity killers on the planet. I doubt it can dethrone Solitaire, but I can dream, can't I.

You've probably already read the blog description up top, so you know what this thing is about. If you haven't done that yet, go do it now. I'll wait.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to some fun administrative things. I'll put them into a Q&A format to help move things along.

Q: How often will you post articles?

A: Honestly, I have no idea. I suspect that there won't be any kind of regular posting schedule. I'll post something when I see it and have the time to do so.

Q: What can I expect to read about here?

A: Anything and everything. I expect I'll be posting a lot of tech-related stuff, both things that I run across online and info that I think you might want to know. You're also likely to see some videos from time to time. Some of them may be informative, but let's be honest, many of them will be utterly pointless. I might even comment on some bit of news I encounter.

Q: Can I post a comment?

A: You bet! That's one of the things that make blogs interesting.

Posts will be unmoderated (for now, at least), but to be able to post, you need either a Google account or an OpenID login. If you have a Gmail or Blogger account, you already have a Google account. If you don't, then you can easily set one up by clicking the link below:

Create a Google account

But wait! You might not even need to do that because you may already have an OpenID account and not even know it. OpenID is a system that lets you have one username and password that works across many Web sites. You just log into an OpenID-participating site like you would the site the username was originally created on.

See a list of major sites whose usernames are OpenIDs.

Q: What are the commenting rules?

A: Simple. Keep comments on-topic, refrain from personal attacks, and, most importantly, do not post spam. Comments that break these rules will be deleted.

Q: Can I link to your blog posts?

A: Of course! After all, that's what blogs are all about. Remember to use the post's permalink instead of just linking to the blog's main page. To find the permalink, simply click on the post's title, and you'll be taken to its permanent page.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: Not that I can think of, but if you have a question, feel free to post a comment or contact me.

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